Tay at Home

Hi all!

It is true: Tay in Europe will not be my main blog, for the time-being.

I couldn’t very-well be posting crafts, food and home-life adventures on a blog with “Europe” in the title.

Yes, I will be posting more adventures when the time comes, but until then I have other things to attend to.

Currently, I’m living at home (love you fam jam!), but obviously this will not do!

The List

  1. Find a job! Social Media Consultant/Management preferred, but I’ll take anything at this point to earn some cash.
  2. Get a car. Unfortunately London’s transit system is terrible.
  3. Find a place. Is it strange that this is the most exciting item on the list!
  4. Get a cat. Yeah, I’m ready to commit to being in one place long-enough to have a pet!
  5. Plan my next (mini) adventure.

So there you have it! Along with my random tangents and rants, there will be food, crafting and instagram-pictures galore! Hope you like the new blog!

Tay xo


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