Creating a Blog Header with Photoshop

It's my new header!

It’s my new header!

The best part about starting a new blog? Creating the header!

For Tay in Europe I used the free program, Picasa, where I made a header that I love.

Tay in Europe Header

This time though, I wanted a challenge; I wanted to do something I hadn’t before. While in Journalism school (no, I didn’t finish), I had to purchase a Macbook Pro and Photoshop software! A waste of money? I think not!

So, I went looking for some inspiration and ideas on Pinterest and began the long process of creating a brand-new header.

Do I love it? No, not overly. But it was an accomplishment! With a bit more practice I’ll be able to create something I love, but until then here is a little tutorial of how I managed to make the one above!


I logged onto this site, where they had blog-header backgrounds to use for free!

Then, I used one of my favourite pictures from my trip to Europe as inspiration.

lagos, portugal - blog header
Then, with the help of this site, I cut out the bird, and placed it onto the free header!

Photoshop - Bird - Blog Header

Then, I used Zapfino type font!

And there you have it! Oh, and I did some inverting and resizing of the birds, and cursed many, many times.

Have any pointers for my next header? I would like to create the entire thing from scratch next time! HELP!


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