Just Breathe…

Just breathe…

It’s the mantra my Mumzie has said to me a million times, and a mantra I repeat to myself on a daily-basis.

Honestly, since traveling, I feel more relaxed. I don’t feel as much pressure to “figure it out”.

As a twenty-something unemployed woman living at home with her parents, I still have moments of panic though. Understandably, I cannot help but let that small-person inside my head seep into my thoughts saying “What are you waiting for?! Get a job, make lots of money, buy a car, get your own place, BE A REAL PERSON!”

Just breathe…

It will all happen in time.

How do I know?

I told myself in March of 2011 I was going to move back to Ontario. It’s been a year-and-a-half, but I’m here.

I told myself in October of 2011 I was going to travel to Europe. It’s been just over a year, and I have returned from a three-month trip.

I’m telling myself now that I am going to find employment and live in a beautiful apartment. It will happen.

I’m telling myself now that I will save enough money to travel again. It will happen.

Just breathe…

Everything will happen eventually.

Until then, all I can do is breathe, put one foot in front of the other, and know deep-down it’s all going to work out.

So, I’m sitting here in my pajamas, and I know that getting a job in December doesn’t make any logical sense. The crazy person inside of me wants to apply at Loblaws just so I can have income, but then I breathe…

I am going to Edmonton to visit and get the rest of my things in a week. Who is going to hire me when I want a week off and Christmas is right around the corner?

No, a job is not something I need to conquer right now.

So, what can I do to quiet that crazy voice?

My resume. Yes, this makes sense.

Go to Yoga? Yes, I must do that (I have to shed off a few pounds after my travels before consuming the Christmas treats surrounding me).

Just breathe…

That’s all I can do. One day at a time, and it will eventually work out. It always does.


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