Pinterest Crafting – Day 1

Hi all!

So, some of you are probably wondering what my life has been like since I returned from Europe.

To answer everyone’s main question: NO, I don’t have a job. NO, I am not moving out.

To make a long-story short, I was living in Edmonton, but then made the decision to move back to Ontario after Europe. I am now staying with my family (Mumzie, Paul, Gma and Jacob) in London, and since it’s Christmas time I’ll remain unemployed until the New Year.

So what do I do with all of my free time?

“Maja..Maja, Maja…Maja…I’m bored…Maja, what are we going to do today?”

Maja is the term of endearment I use for my Mom (or Mumzie), and I usually pace the room, stand in-front of her, and stare as I repeat the above phrase until she gives in and takes me out.

Yes, it is a hard life…for her.

Anyways! I haven’t been a complete slacker. I help Jacob with his homework, going to Yoga (gotta work-off the Belem pastries), write blog posts, and have been Instagram-ing Pinterest Crafts for this week’s posts.

PhotoBooth Props

Etsy – PhotoBooth Props

Pinterest Pin

My Mumzie is part of a running-group, The Couche Tards, and they are also a group of friends that get together for bitch-slap parties, bowling nights, talk about knitting, and give each-other “moral” support. And, lucky for me, I get invited along to some of these activities!

This past weekend was Craft Day! We had to pick a craft and bring it along to share with the group. Over the next week I’ll share the crafts we did and at the end of the week (Fantastic Food Friday) I’ll give you the recipe for my Super Awesome Sangria!

Mumzie got the idea for a Photobooth from Pinterest (all of our crafts came from Pinterest), but when she went to get the instructions she found that they were actually props you could purchase from Etsy. Well, Mumzie and I aren’t the craftiest ladies, but we thought we could definitely do this ourselves.

With some help from Gma (the artsy-fartsy one) and Paul (the handy-one) we successfully made some awesome props for Craft Day.

**Some insider-tips: make sure you attach the dowels to the side (not in the middle of your face), get someone artsy to draw the beard (you cannot borrow my Gma, sorry), pay attention to the right-side-up of your arrows (don’t attach the dowel upside-down like Mumzie did with her “Nice” arrow), and when taking pictures have all-hands-on-deck**

What You Need:

  • Coloured Foam (pack of 12 was $10 at Michaels)
  • Epoxy 5-Minute adhesive
  • Dowels – (at Michaels or a Home Improvement store–a small-ish size)
  • Frame (buy a cheap picture from Value Village and use the frame)

PhotoBooth Craft

Pinterest PhotoBooth Craft



  1. Draw your designs onto the foam using a pencil. Use the internet (Pinterest) for inspiration. We did a Christmas theme as well as some mustaches and a “POW” sign and a speech bubble.
  2. Cut the dowels to size (longer is better, I think)
  3. Mix the epoxy on a cardboard box and quickly ‘glue’ the dowels to the back of your props. PAY ATTENTION! (We made mistakes, silly us).
  4. For next time (and what you should do) is set up a space for your photobooth. Put up a white sheet or themed background (dollar store Christmas table cloth?) and, if you can, hang your frame from the ceiling to free-up your hands for prop-holding
  5. HAVE FUN! And instagram your pictures with the hashtag #photobooth


Pinterest PhotoBooth Craft

PhotoBooth Pinterest CraftIMG_3811IMG_3814 IMG_3826 IMG_3839 IMG_3843

Needless to say it was an awesome Day!


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