What’s happening?

Hey there!

So in yesterday’s post I finally shared what has been going on during the past month. It felt really good to write it all down and share it with not only you (followers) but to write it all down and share it with myself.

So what did I mean by “it’s all happening”?

Well, yesterday I sat in an Ottawa Starbucks (also where I am sitting right now), and began projects that I had been putting off for far too long. About.me/tpawsey

I completed two resumés.

I finally set up my Linkedin account.

I also started an about.me profile.

I don’t know about you, but when I complete a few projects I begin to feel ambitious.

So, I went online and began looking for volunteer opportunities. And guess what–if I head back to Alberta, I have an interview with Red Cross Canada and their communications department! I KNOW! SO EXCITING!

I still have the weekend in Ottawa. Not sure how I’ll fill my time as it turns out most of my friends here in the city work 9-5 jobs so I am left to my own devices. What to do? Perhaps I’ll write a travel post about Ottawa and go exploring…stay tuned!


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