Tay at Home – A Lifestyle Blog

It’s hard to believe over two weeks have passed since I last wrote a post!

What happened?

I’m sure many bloggers have experienced the same thing:

  • You write an awesome blog (i.e. a Travel Blog), but when the trip is over how do you continue?
  • Life has been a whirl-wind and instead of finding the time to write, I sleep
  • ‘No one will read my blog’ is a thought that crosses my mind, even as I write this

Well, it has taken me a couple months, plenty of self-defeating talk counteracted by inspirational quotes, and many mornings sleeping until noon for me to realize that blogging needs to remain a part of my life. Sure, some individuals may read this and get bored and never visit my site again, but others may stay. But, I’m writing this for my own benefit, and it would just be an extra bonus if it inspired someone else along the day.

Before embarking on my 3-month-solo-Europe-trip, Tay in Europe was more of a lifestyle blog. So, I’ve decided to incorporate some of the more popular weekly posts into this blog, and am even brainstorming a few new post-ideas for Tay at Home.

With that being said, it’s time to make some blogging goals:

  1. Inspiration Thursday as seen on Tay in Europe, is back! One of my favourite parts about blogging was finding inspirational quotes that resonated with me, and then realizing after many ‘likes’ that others agreed too.
  2. Fantastic Food Friday is also going to be a regular post. I LOVE food, and as soon as I move into my new place, there will be plenty of food posts to come!
  3. Instagram Weekend was also a big hit, and I’m going to try and make it a regular feature. I may even attempt to partake in the Weekly Photo Challenge again.

I’m really excited to blog again, and I hope you continue to follow me!



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