#FebZero – Vine Smoothie 3/7

Hey everyone! I am feeling SO much better since I had Friday night off. It gave me a chance to start arranging my apartment and rest. Also, it gave me time to work a bit on this blog and keep-in-touch with all of you!

My #FebZero Smoothie posts are all a day behind, so this morning’s post was yesterday’s smoothie and today’s post is actually today’s smoothie.

I was introduced to a new App (via my internship) this past week and I want to share it with all of you! Some of you will say “Seriously Taylor, where have you been?!” while others (*cough* Mumzie) will probably be pretty stoked by this new discovery!

Vine app

Source: http://vine.co/

It’s social like Twitter; it’s addictive like Instagram; and yet it’s a completely new way of looking at things. I am IN LOVE with Vine! So, for today’s post I am going to share my first two Vine posts!

Typical Morning Vine

And yes, I did set my clock to an earlier time for the purpose of my Vine. I did NOT get up that early this morning, but I do get up that early throughout the week. Also, the Tassimo PC Gourmet Coffee is horrible – don’t buy it!

#FebZero Smoothie 3/7

How amazing is this App!? It’s FREE, so go download it now and start making some awesome Vines! Mine are pretty awesome, but I will admit that there are some really talented Viners out there (would we call them viners?).

Happy Vine-ing!

P.S. The smoothie was delicious.


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