Weekly Photo Challenge – Home

Remember how I used to do the Weekly Photo Challenge for Tay in Europe? Well, I’ve decided to start doing it again! WOOT!

As you all know I’ve recently moved into a new apartment. It’s a tiny basement-bachelorette in Toronto, and although it’s not my favourite apartment ever, it’s still a place I can call home.

I still don’t have any updated photos for you of the actual place but I do have an Instagram photo that represents home for me.

Why does this represent home for me?

  1. See the red pillow in the background? That represents a time in my life when I began to appreciate being in one place, and making a ‘home’ for myself. While in Edmonton, I began to purchase things for the home (throw-pillows, picture frames and storage boxes), and do activities like gardening (check out this post). It was a time when I began to feel comfortable in Edmonton, and comfortable with the idea of staying in once spot. To me, that red pillow is the beginning of my move back to Ontario.
  2. Some of you are probably wondering why I have a picture of a cat. Scratchie was, and still is, my most beloved pet. Why does this picture represent home? In some ways I guess it’s a reminder of my years growing up. The real reason, however, has to do with the time I received the picture. When I moved away from home at 17, my mom gave my this picture. It has been with me ever since. It’s a representation of the moment I began living on my own
  3. The mug. No, it’s not the most beautiful coffee mug in the world. And no, I didn’t get it on my travels. I purchased that mug while shopping in the States with my Mumzie and friend Leah last summer. I came home in June 2012 and made the announcement that I was going to move back to Ontario after my trip to Europe. The three of us went for a day of shopping, and I loved the mug because a) it was HUGE, b) my Mumzie always calls me gorgeous (for an explanation of this term of endearment read this post) and c) I made the purchase for my “first apartment back in Ontario”. So now, I smile when I see this mug because it reminds me of a time when I was certain I wanted to be back in Ontario; it reminds me of all the times I made a decision (moving, traveling, interning), and followed through.

What is home to you?

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