Basement Bachelorette Living

I’ve been living in my new place for a week-and-a-half, and so far…it’s okay.

First: I have living in a basement. It’s not too bad right now because it’s winter, and I’m barely home during daylight hours to appreciate sunlight, but come summer this crazy-bird (me) is going to be craving some sunshine.

Second: It’s so small! And there is NO storage! Seriously, everything is strewn about in boxes and baskets or in random drawers because I have ONE closet under the stairs and a few cupboards in my tiny kitchen. Ikea Expedit is on my wishlist!


Note how I have managed to hang up my two favourite Christmas gifts: canvas prints of my favourite city, Lisbon, Portugal. And of course, photos of my Mumzie and Paul and Gary and I. Oh, and how awesome is that lamp!? Unfortunately it came with the apartment, so I won’t be able to take it with me when I leave. Darn!

Third complaint: I live in the basement of someone’s home, so I can hear entire conversations! It’s not abrassively loud, and I would never complain about the family about living their day-to-day-lives, but next time I get a place I am going to make sure there is some serious sound-proofing! It’s not all bad though: they’re usually in bed (or super quiet) by 10pm, and they get up after I do in the morning.

Bachelor apartment Toronto

The Ikea slip-covered chair came with the apartment, and it’s where I usually sit (right now) to write my blog posts. The pillows are all mine (I LOVE throw pillows), and my ‘nightstand’ is just a drawer under the bed that I’ve pulled out and put my books/journal/tea mug in. Then I’ve been using a wooden chair with a towel over-top as a table.

What I love about my apartment:

Character: It’s definitely got character. Of course, having my things in here helps, but even the adorable kitchen and the textured wall make it feel like ‘more’ than your typical tiny Toronto apartment.

kitchen Toronto bachelor apartment

The Neighbourhood: I live near Roncesvalles in Toronto, and it’s a great area with cute cafes, organic convenient stores, bakeries, restaurants and adorable clothing shops. The streetcar is at the end of my street, and I’m only a 15 minute walk from the Subway. There is also a Farmer’s Market in the park close to my place! AWESOME!

Basement bachelor torontoI’m alone: yes, I can officially say that I love to live alone. I’m not opposed to living with people, but for right now I couldn’t imagine living with people. I go to an internship all day where I have to put my best-foot-forward and let my bubbly personality shine through all-day, and then sometimes to the restaurant and be pleasant there too. It’s nice to come home and just relax without having to answer to anyone.

As you can see my room/living area still needs some storage and organization. For now, it’s a great place for my yoga mat.

What do you think? Any tips for living in such a tiny space?


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