Live the life you’ve imagined…

I first saw this quote while staying at the Kinlay House Hostel in Galway, Ireland. They had it written on the wall in their eating area, and I felt shivers when I read it.

I have an inspiration board on Pinterest dedicated to this, and many other quotes like it. I sing these mantras in my sleep:

Life is simple.

Just breathe.

Live your dream.

Life is short.

Travel often.

And yet, here I sit in a basement apartment, working an internship I lack passion for, and spending my ‘free’ time working at a restaurant to pay my bills, and doing none of the things written on that board.

The funny part: if 16-year-old me saw this life from the outside she would think “Wow, that’s exactly what I want my life to be”.

Sure, by societal standards I’m doing really well: I have an internship at a world-renowned Ad Agency; work enough to support myself; live in a cute apartment in an affluent neighbourhood; have friends to go out with Saturday nights and enough money to decorate my cute apartment with stuff.

Isn’t this what I wanted? Isn’t this what I aspired to for so long? Isn’t this what I was working towards?

I don’t know anymore.

Because, when I read the quotes that inspire me, read the blogs of people that inspire me, and look at the pictures that inspire me, none of it is mirrored in my life.


2 thoughts on “Live the life you’ve imagined…

  1. It’s a difficult space to be in- this image of what adulthood is supposed to look like and be and the things we’re meant to do vs. that tug, that never-silent siren call that tempts you with what you want and wish for. It’s a rough line to walk.
    I hope you figure it out and find that balance, that life you want to live rather than the one you think you ought to live.

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