Instagram & Vine Weekend – A Day at the ROM

Hey all!

So I was told by my brother the other day that I sounded sad, and it got me thinking: I don’t want to be sad!

I understand his concern, however, as when I talk to him our conversations generally go like this:

Jacob: What’s new?

Me: Nothing, just work.

Jacob: What did you do this weekend?

Me: Not too much. I worked.

Jacob: What did you do last week? Anything fun?

Me: Um, I worked…and yeah that’s pretty much it.

The joys of an unpaid internship is that unfortunately that is what my life has turned into: working during the day to “build my resume” and working at night to “pay the bills”.

BUT, have no fear! I did do something AWESOME this weekend.

I went to the Royal Ontario Museum and visited (for the second time) the “Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants from Gondwana” exhibit!

My intern-buddy, Jordan (yeah, I’m blogging about you dude) and I spent our Sunday afternoon checking out some vines, taking awesome photos and filming some kick-ass vines!

Check out our adventure:

As you can probably tell, I was pretty excited to be there, and took lots of Vine’s and photos to prove it. No matter how many times I see a Trex, I still get goosebumps! Seriously, IT’S AWESOME, and if you don’t agree, well, we can’t be friends. Oh, and Jordan was really excited:


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