Spring is in the air

It’s been a big weekend for me. I mean, like, really big!


I came out of hibernation! It all began with my walk, and then Friday I went for a run, and Saturday I did some “Spring Cleaning” and rearranging and got off the streetcar early to walk for 1/2 an hour to work (and I was late–oops!).

I LOVE SPRING! I have always thought that Autumn was my favourite season, but I’m beginning to think that Spring may be creeping into the lead.

There is that smell that happens with the changing of the seasons–we can all smell it. You see families out walking with their children, and there is energy in the air. Of course, we are Canadian, and we expect that this is just a tease, but we need that tease after hiding in our homes for the past 3 months.

Spring Re-arrangement

I love to re-arrange my spaces. While living in residence, I forced my roommate to change the layout of our room at least once every month. No joke! Seriously, if you’re feeling a bit down, try cleaning and re-arranging some furniture. Sometimes we can’t change the circumstances in our life, but you can definitely move a lamp and chair.




Before, there was no separation of space.

Before bachelor apt

I felt crammed in my tiny space. The bed was at the completely wrong angle.

before bachelor apt2

I still haven’t found a use for that awful Ikea table (came with the apartment).



Now I can utilize this space as an office area, and I can turn my chair around to face my comfy white chair to create a seating are for two.

Bachelor apartment ikea expedia

The Expedia shelving unit acts as a room divider. I’ve created a reading area for myself as well.


I purchased this tapestry for 10 pounds at the Camden Lock Market in London, UK.


My BFF Anthony painted this for me.

What do you think of my new layout? I still have that Ikea table to deal with (currently in the kitchen), any ideas?


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